Happy Tails: We are proud of our solid 5-star ratings!

"The antithesis of kennel boarding, Doggie Delight is like camp!" Fun, friends, homemade food, and the best camp counselor / dog mom ever! Fred spent a long weekend (Friday through Monday) while his humans got married out of state. He seemed reluctant to leave his new pack of friends. There was no shortage of attention and affection from Essie. She lavishes her guests with excellent, safe care! After our initial meet-and-greet, we had absolutely no reservations about leaving our recently acquired rescue dog for an extended weekend. Essie even followed up with a phone call to see how he was doing, once we had him back home. Highly recommend this wonderful service!
-- Raelene Hornby, North Kingstown, RI

"Essie is easily the best dog sitter I have ever had for my long-haired German Shepherd, Atlas. I travel frequently for work and Essie's place has become a second home for my boy. It gives me such comfort to know that he is in such capable hands and is happy, well taken care of and loved while I am away. He gets to be outside and have plenty of social time with the "pack". On top of that, it is clear that Essie truly cares for each and every dog that she takes care of and that shows. She is the best! Thanks Essie"
-- Rich Fogarty, Narragansett, RI


"Essie and her pack have been wonderful! She cares for my pug Maddie as if she were her own. Maddie goes for both daycare and boarding and I have been so grateful for the exquisite care she receives. She comes home exhausted from playing and socializing. Maddie gets excited when I say we are going to see Essie. As many stars as possible is what Essie deserves!"

-- Liz Hayward, Exeter, RI


"I need to travel frequently for business and always know my three large dogs are in great hands.  My "kids" are finicky eaters, and Essie goes to great lengths to make sure they have their noses in their bowls at meal time. They also had some initial issues with stairs, but Essie had the patience to help them conquer their fear. If you want a safe, secure and loving environment for your dogs when they are away from home, I can't recommend Doggie Delight enough. 5 stars!"

--Carolyn Morris Bach, Carolina, RI


"I thought Essie was crazy when she suggested playing classical music at the shelter, but soon I saw the results of the classical music and her hands-on approach with our dogs. I have trusted her to foster difficult dogs who would have had no chance at adoption. In her care they bloomed into loving, sociable family members who are no longer at the shelter. Your dog couldn't be in better hands."

-- Holly Duffany, Animal Control Officer, Town of North Kingstown, RI


"I highly recommend DoggieDelight. As a dog trainer, I can assure you Essie has a wealth of both knowledge and experience when it comes to dogs. She knows their behavior and their body language like a professional and always works with each dog's unique temperament. I met her very well balanced pack of five, who welcome every new dog and person to their home. Her facility is set up for their comfort: fenced-in yard with no way to dig out, special rooms and spots for the dogs to take a break, no poisonous plants in the back yard, doggie door for free movement in and out, and a very healthy approach to treats and food. I trust her with my two dogs, who are my life. Need I say more?"

-- Andrea Czabok, Assistant Animal Control Officer, Town of North Kingstown, RI


"I recently brought my 2-year-old Morkie, Max, to stay at DoggieDelight with Essie and her gang. What a wonderful experience Max had! He is a brave 9-pound little guy, but I was nervous at first because of the size of the other dogs. Fortunately my fears were put to rest immediately when they all played like old friends. I wasn't able to pick up Max myself, but that wasn't a problem for Essie. When I finally saw him next, he had two new toys and a $5 bill in his bag. There was a note letting me know that the toy he brought with him had met its demise, so these were the replacements, and I had overpaid by $5. I thought, this woman is a saint! I called Essie to thank her and she shared with me what a joy it was for her to have Max. He was such a good boy she gave him special treatment and allowed him to sleep in her bed!! I can't even get my mom and dad to do that! I highly recommend DD for its natural environment and especially for the love my dog received when I was away. Thank you, Essie! We will be back! We really had a great experience."

-- Amy Klopfenstein, Providence, RI


"Thank you for taking such good care of Kaya and Navi last weekend. They had such a great time!! I was a little nervous about how all of the dogs might get along together, and whether Kaya and Navi would feel comfortable and at home - especially Kaya (our nervous one). When they greeted me at the gate, all smiles and wags, I knew the weekend had been a success. The picture you sent of them making themselves at home in your living room was also a great comfort. They have been so calm, happy, and relaxed this week - it is like they were the ones who went away on vacation : ) They are very much looking forward to staying with you this coming weekend. My husband Jack will bring them by on Friday morning between 10-10:30am if that works for you."

-- Audrey Zariski, Narragansett, RI


"I am using DoggieDelight for my Great Pyrenees mix, Sadie. The facility is clean, and my dog's comfort and safety are assured with the home environment and the large, fenced-in play area. Essie doles out snuggles, toys and healthful snacks. She doesn't charge extra for the four great resident playmates, Mylee, Rocky, Buddy and Lex, who have the most gentle personalities. While it's clear she loves her charges to bits, Essie remains the pack leader they need in order to have a happy and safe play experience. You can't go wrong with DoggieDelight."

-- Rev. Virginia Alvarez, Coventry, RI 


"We could not have been happier or luckier with Essie. Such a cool lady and so great with dogs. Her house is a literal doggy paradise and I'm sure our dogs were sad to leave. Her own dogs are super sweet and gentle and very patient with our little fellas. One of our dogs is a recent rescue has a few "issues" which she easily and gracefully took in stride. After one visit he is already much better! Her updates and attention really made us feel like our dogs were in the best of hands and we can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks Essie!"

-- Dagmar Kostkova, Brooklyn, NY


"It's always a little weird to rate something when you aren't there. That said, Essie was always communicating with us. She even took a video of Jake and her dogs playing together. Most importantly when it was time to pick up Jake, he was as healthy as when we dropped him off ;-). She somehow even got him to eat carrots, which he hasn't done since he was a little pup."

-- Brian MacFarland, Middletown, RI


"Essie took such great care of our baby. Every day she updated us on how our dog was doing with pictures and videos via email and Facebook. She was very careful to make sure all the dogs were compatible playmates and no one was fighting or bullying any of the other pups. She has a great big fenced in yard for the dogs to run around and play. Lots of places for the dogs to lounge when they are tired. After calling around to different kennels in the area, I found her prices to be extremely reasonable for the personalized care she gives each dog. I highly recommend Doggie Delight, and would absolutely use her again the next time we are in need of boarding while in Rhode Island."

-- Brandie Ballard, Indianapolis, IN


"I had complete peace of mind having Essie take care of Waldo while I was away. She clearly loves dogs, having a houseful of her own. He was happy to have friends to play with and comfortable during rest times. She even sent me some photos to show me how he was doing. Five stars for her!"

-- Marci Gummo, Saunderstown, RI


"Since our dog has never gone to a stranger, I was scared to board her. I spoke to a couple of folks and decided to let Essie be the winner. Jasmine has never been with so many dogs, however she became one of the pack and had a fun weekend with new friends and a loving caretaker, who spoiled her with homemade treats. Next time we need a sitter in RI we will be sure to use Essie again. Thanks so much!"

-- Alexandra Graf, New York, NY


"Essie is a true dog lover, and was a most wonderful host for our two dogs. She is very responsive, having answered my email request within minutes, and was able to accommodate my two dogs on short notice. My dogs loved their stay, and were well cared for. Essie even called and sent us pictures to give us updates later in the evening after they were dropped off. I had no concerns, and knew my dogs were in the good hands of an experienced host. I would recommend Essie without reservation, and we will plan to be in touch with her again!" -- Roger Nuss, Wayland, MA


"We could not have been happier with the amazing love and care that Essie gave Millie during her stay. We had just moved to the area and Essie received Millie straight after she had flown 18 hours from Hawaii. She gave Millie a lot of extra attention and love to make sure she recovered from the flight and gave us as owners absolute peace of mind. Her house and yard are very well set up to accommodate dogs who want to run and play, as well as dogs that prefer to snooze! She gave us feedback and pictures of Millie every night. We will definitely be using her to dog sit whenever we need in the future. Thank you Essie, you are awesome!"

-- Melanie Carins, Newport, RI


"I couldn't have felt more comfortable leaving my dog Henry with Essie and her pack. She is clearly a huge animal lover just like myself. The dogs had a big yard to play in and Henry got lots of love and care while I was gone. I picked him up just as healthy as I had left him, except he was so tired from all the playing he did! I wouldn't hesitate to bring him back if I'm ever in the area again."

--Lindsay Haley, New York, NY


"Sadie had a fantastic stay with Essie and her pack! Essie has a great set-up for dog sitting, with a lovely big back yard and a doggie door for easy access. Sadie quickly learned how to maneuver the dog door and came home all tuckered out after her weekend stay. I'm sure she got lots of running and playing in! I will certainly be in touch with Essie again for future getaways!"

-- Liz Barron, Newport, RI


"Essie was amazing with our dog Liesel and I would definitely use her again. She offers a very comforting and safe environment for all dogs. She's very in tune with every dog's needs and is a complete dog lover."

-- Kelly Anderson, South Kingstown, RI


"Buddy Guy had a wonderful time with Essie and her pack. Her house is set up for the best doggie vacation with large doggie door and fenced back yard. Lots of space to run around safely. Buddy Guy has made friends with the resident dogs and looks forward to future doggie vacations!"

-- Toni Mills, Newport, RI


"Living in NJ, I felt little uncomfortable using the service, partially because it was the very first reservation ever I've committed online and Essie's location was too far to visit before the actual stay. However, once I arrived, Essie welcomed my dog with warm heart and the setting was just perfect for any type and size dog. During the stay, Essie sent update emails with photos and I could tell all dogs, not only mine, looked very happy and well treated. She also was very accommodating to my schedule change and accepted additonal stay with short notice. I would definitely recommend and come back for my next visit to RI! Thank you Essie for the wonderful hospitality!"  

-- Sean Lee, Fair Lawn, NJ


"My dog is a rescue with some fear and anxiety issues, and to be honest I was a little nervous leaving her with a stranger for a day while I was at work. It turns out that there was no need to worry! Essie was great with her and obviously knows how to work with and win the trust of "not-so-perfect" dogs. I could not have been happier to see how much fun she was having when I went to pick her up in the afternoon. She was reluctant to leave Essie and her "pack" at the end of the day!"  

-- Carly Willmott, Norwich, CT


"Once again I had a great vacation because I knew Waldo was very happy with Essie and her dogs. She clearly loves them and she creates a safe, comfy and very fun environment for her temporary guests. I know that he is well cared for and happy when I leave him with her. What else could a doggie parent ask for? I go away and he goes to camp. Perfect!!"

-- Marci Gummo, Saunderstown, RI


"Essie was just wonderful with our Bulldog. She took on Winnie, a new customer, on short notice, and was happy to work through some behavior issues with our puppy. Apparently, our usually loving girl was exhibiting some food aggression with other dogs at meal time, but Essie reported that some calm, but stern vocal reprimanding sorted our girl out, and she was an angel at future meals. Essie is the sort who understands that dogs will be dogs, and is not afraid to step in and ensure that situations do not get worse. Winnie came home well-exercised, tired, calm, and happy."

-- Tim Garthwaite, East Greenwich, RI


"Essie, at Doggie Delight Day Care, was a godsend for us. We had a long- planned vacation and needed someone to care for our 3 dogs. We knew immediately upon meeting Essie that she was an experienced and loving dog sitter. She quickly understood the unique qualities of our boys and was very attentive to each one. Not only was Essie accommodating to our dogs, but her own dogs were very sweet to 3 new dogs coming into their home. Essie was thorough in our initial interview, asked all the right questions and gave us a list of everything we needed to bring for the boys for their 9-day stay at her house. Essie has a large, fenced-in yard that our boys just loved to share with the rest of the pack. She stayed in constant communication with us – recounting the days' events and including photos. I would highly recommend Doggie Delight to anyone who has to leave their dog away from home. We felt our dogs were safe, got lots of exercise and were undoubtedly spoiled by Essie."
-- Nancy Striuli, Warwick, RI 


"My experience with Essie was better than I could have ever expected. I had to travel for several days and had never left my two Cocker Spaniels with anyone before. I could not imagine boarding them somewhere and leaving them in a cage. I would have been beside myself with worry for the whole trip. I had to find a home where they would be loved. Essie treated my dogs with the kind of love and attention that they receive at home. Essie is a wonderful, loving person and I would recommend her care to anyone."

-- Jo-Ann Gershkoff, North Kingstown, RI


"Essie was great with Reese and Rory! We will definitely be back to see her and her gang! Her dogs are very friendly and welcomed both of our dogs into their pack." 

-- Amanda Butner, Providence, RI


"Can't say enough good things. We had a week trip planned and had never left our young Standard Poodle, Charlie, with anyone overnight. After the "meet and greet" we were not worried anymore. Essie is wonderful and offers a safe and homey environment for her boarders. Charlie got plenty of exercise, lots of socialization and attention. Essie was also great at communicating and setting our minds at ease by sending frequent emails with photos and descriptions. Yes, we would recommend and will use again.

-- Pat Holtzman, Jamestown, RI


"Lilo had an absolutely amazing time here!  She was quite clearly happy the entire time, right from our meet and greet until the last day of her doggie vacay! She was taken great care of, just as if she was with her own mommy and daddy, and looked so happy and well adjusted when I picked her up. Can't wait until our next trip so Lilo can come and stay here again."

-- Lucy Reinbold, Cranston, RI


"Essie was absolutely wonderful! Our Black Lab Bodie had the time of his life. He went in a little chubby, so Essie even made a food recommendation and handled the switchover for us. We had a meet and greet before leaving him and when drop-off day came, he practically ripped my arm off to run to the front door to join his playmates! I would HIGHLY recommend Essie. She truly loves dogs and it shows!!"

-- Janet Marrinan, Saunderstown, RI


"I just want to take a few minutes to note how great our experience with Essie was!

She was so good to our dog, Nova, and even changed her food to a better option for Nova. We also changed her food when she got home, after seeing how much better it was for her. I will never go back to using a kennel when we travel. With Essie our dog was able to run around all day, be given treats, spend time with other dogs, and she even let Nova sleep in her bed! We were a bit nervous to leave Nova because she is a little high strung, but she did great with Essie and was actually calmer when we picked her up! We will definitely use her in the future and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a place to board their dog. My favorite part of our experience with her was all the photo updates we received of Nova. Every day we got to see pictures of her having a good time and it made being away from her much easier."

-- Jenna Teachout, Newport, RI


"Thank you SO much for taking care of our two dogs, Dante and Dakota.  We are from NY City and had a spot reserved for our Lab and Bull Mastiff for the week out on Long Island while we celebrated our wedding in Newport, R.I But as we got closer to the event, we began to worry about our needy pups' first time away from home and the idea of their being in a cage for 6 days.  I stumbled upon Essie and her gang and am so lucky that I did.  Not only was she available, but she personally reached out to a local animal hospital to reserve a spot in case my dogs did not feel comfortable at the trial at her home. The moment you meet Essie, you know that your dog is in safe hands. Your first impression is amazement at how she can control so many dogs at once and then you're amazed that your dog so quickly joins the pack. She had a few other visitors there from small to large dogs. We were worried that our male Bull Mastiff of 140 pounds would cause trouble with some of the smaller dogs, but he fit right in. Our dogs took some time to adjust from their NY city living ways to the freedom at Essie's. After some time and eating protests, they started to play with the other dogs, use the doggie door and loved to play in the yard.  Essie sent updates and pictures so we could enjoy our wedding weekend, knowing our dogs were well taken care of. What a relief. We are looking forward to our next Newport trip and Doggie Delight Daycare!"

-- Sheila and Pranav Merchant, New York, NY


"Our dog had a great time staying with Essie! You can tell she loves dogs and takes great care of each and every one!"

-- Kristina DiGirolamo, CT


"Essie was amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better place for my baby while I was on a vacation of my own! Essie sent us pictures and updates which helped put me at east. I am used to worrying about my baby my whole vacation, but not this time -- not at all. I will definitely be using Essie again!"
-- Shannon Carvalho, Coventry, RI 


"Highly recommended! Essie is a true dog lover and provides top-notch care! Beautiful fenced-in yard with plenty of room for dogs to run and play. Lucy was completely exhausted when I picked her up and based on all of the photos and videos, I can see why! Thank you for being so flexible with us and taking our last-minute reservation. I'm sorry Lucy was a bit of a menace. Thank you so much for giving her a great day! To anyone considering, you could not possibly find a better place!!"
-- Lisa Couture, MA


"I was very apprehensive about leaving Phoebe with someone I had never met, but we had a wedding to go to in Newport and had to find a place for her. Essie's house was just perfect for Phoebe, who is very social and loves to be with other dogs. We had lots of communication before and during Phoebe's visit, and I felt very comfortable leaving Phoebe there for two days. She arrived with a slight limp, and Essie kept on top of it, and even made an appointment for us with her vet to have it checked out after we picked Phoebe up. Sadly, I don't expect to be needing a dog sitter in the Newport area again, but if I did, I would certainly choose Essie!"

-- Patricia Cole, Long Island, NY


"My dog, Molly, stayed with Essie for 3 weeks this summer.  She had a blast playing with all the other dogs, and Essie was helpful in providing updates on the status of her allergies and her overall happiness while I was at conferences. I'm sure Molly's already dreaming about next summer. Highly recommended!"

-- Jenn Stockdill, Detroit, MI


"Essie treated Britches with TLC!  He was nervous and missed his family, especially since he is not boarded often, but we are thankful that he was in good hands! In addition, Essie provided us with helpful information regarding his diet and nutrition. Many thanks!"
-- Susan Johnson, Fulton, MD


"Lacey, our Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, has been going to Doggie Delight Daycare and Boarding for about two months. Although Lacey can be anxious and overwhelmed around a large group of dogs, we found the perfect environment in which to socialize her. There are typically a small pack of dogs that are closely supervised by Essie. They get plenty of exercise in the large, fenced-in yard. Lacey also did very well boarding for two weeks while we were on vacation. Essie maintains a strict schedule for the dogs that Lacey quickly adapted to. I highly recommend Doggie Delight for daycare, socialization and boarding!"
-- Richard Leach, North Kingstown, RI