Helpful Information

Do you know the list of foods that are toxic to dogs and cats? Ignorance may be bliss in some instances, but lack of knowledge in this area could be fatal to a beloved pet. An educated pet owner is the best pet owner!

Paraffin wax candles are harmful to pets


Paraffin is the last step in the petroleum distillation chain. It is what remains in petroleum after asphalt is extracted -- the bottom of the barrel, so to speak. In an EPA study called "Transmission of particulate matter through burning candles," three categories were deemed to be at high risk for health damage from the carcinogens toluene, benzene and naphthalene present in the soot of wax candles. Those categories are children, pets and people with damaged immune systems. As we inhale, waxy soot coats the air sacs in our lungs with toxins. Candles are a huge industry in the United States. If you burn candles, please burn medical-grade gel or soy to protect yourselves and your family (human and otherwise).


For the last 14 years, we have burned only candles purchased from an Ohio company whose website is They carry the market leader in gel candles, which burn with no lead, soot, smoke or toxins. They also burn cool all day, because only the top 1/4-inch or so liquifies. They are safe for children and pets and have aromatherapy benefits too. Best of all, they are made in the USA and are hypoallergenic. Even asthmatic customers can enjoy them with no adverse reactions at all! When I had my USA retail store in Newport, RI, I burned no fewer than 6,000 of these candles. We had a minimum of three different styles going all day, every day. Because I have the BRCA2 gene, I could not burn soy candles at all. Doggie Delight customers can get 10% off any candle ordered from Gellite by using the code DDD10 at checkout. It has no expiration date, so what are you waiting for?  :-)

Tip of the day: How to brush your pet effectively


Start brushing from the bottom, and work your way up. Comb thoroughly after brushing to detect any matting or tangles you may have missed with your brush.

The truth about a wonderful breed: the American Pit Bull


There is so much misinformation that has led to people shying away from adopting a breed that was the family dog 100 years ago! This informative article by the Lane County, Oregon Animal Shelters is straightforward and loaded with information under subheads such as "Pit Bulls love kids!" and "Pit Bulls are social butterflies." You'll do yourself and all the Pit Bulls languishing in shelters a huge favor if you would read this article and become educated on the fine family members these dogs make, if the owners are willing to put in the time. In general, dogs very accurately reflect what they receive from their owners. Having been in the kennels of many shelter Pit Bulls on the night they were brought in by policemen, I don't have as much as a scratch! Love can do miraculous things. The two Pit Bulls pictured in the lefthand column are shelter dogs snoozing on my furniture!