About Us


The primary mission of  Doggie Delight Daycare and Boarding is to provide your pet with loving care, vigorous play time, battery-recharging naps, healthful snacks and an overall positive experience that will have him or her wagging to return! There are no cages, no toxic fumes from automobiles, no crushed stone to hurt tender paws and no chain link fences. Instead, there are comfortable orthopedic beds with sheets, soft furniture, clean ocean air, lots of grass and a cedar fence. If your pet doesn't know how to use a dog door, we will teach him or her. That is the ticket to freedom. No barking to go out to pee or poop. When the urge hits, the dog hops through the door. It's a very liberating experience to be able to act on that urge with no human intervention! Once they get the hang of it, they are in and out simply because they can be. The feeling of total freedom will be quite exhilarating for your pet!


As resident mom and pack leader, I bring to the table more than 30 years of experience in rescuing Rottweilers and more than 500 hours as a volunteer at our local shelter. As such, I have worked with a variety of breeds and am both confident and comfortable with dogs. Moreover I have an abiding love for dogs that I think they sense from the outset. My magic formula of lots of affection, touching and talking to them plus day-long classical music in the air works wonders with even the most overactive nervous system! Lastly, for your peace of mind, know that I am certified in First-Aid and CPCR for dogs and cats.


Special care is taken to ensure your pet has all the comforts of home while staying with us. Be sure to bring a favorite toy, blanket or other article that has a familiar scent, so there is something "from home" for your pet to cuddle up to at nap time.