We Specialize In Happy Dogs!

Doggie Delight Daycare and Boarding is a morning-to-evening playground at which your furry kid will receive exceptional care. Located in a quiet neighborhood in Wickford, Rhode Island, Doggie Delight nourishes your pet in a loving home environment, with no cages, no toxic fumes from main roads and no chainlink fences. A doggie door off the kitchen allows our guests to scamper freely into a big back yard surrounded by a cedar fence with plenty of room to run. Your pet's safety comes first. All toys and snacks are made in the USA and owner Essie Dubé

is certified in First Aid and CPCR (cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation) for dogs and cats. She has more than 30 years' experience working with dogs and 500+ hours as a volunteer at the local shelter. Lex and Mylee, the two canine residents, provide plenty of socialization and play time, so everyone sleeps well at night! We guarantee your pet will thoroughly enjoy his/her visit. Check out the Testimonials and Photo Gallery!

The little morsel on the right is Max, dwarfed in size by the house pack, but a giant in spirit!

Descended from wolves, dogs are pack animals who really enjoy two things: company and freedom. Leaving your kid alone in a crate all day is never a happy experience for him or her. How would you like to be left in a crate all day? Or, if uncrated and left alone, dogs tend to let us know how bored they are by destroying a multitude of things in the home, creating a mess no working owner needs after a busy day! Doggie Delight makes your pet’s enjoyment, comfort and safety top priorities. You will retrieve a well exercised, happy dog, and happy dogs make happy owners! Learn more about the services we offer.